Free radicals are unstable molecules that lack an electron. Because nature strives to bring unstable molecules into equilibrium, these molecules will continually attempt to scavenge an electron from anywhere they can find one, to achieve their equilibrium. If these free radicals manage to entice an electron from a healthy cell, that donor cell will now become unstable, and this instability may cause degeneration in that cell.
The human body's best defence against this random damaging of healthy cells is with nutrients known as antioxidants. These antioxidants are essential to good health - they are one of the most efficient defences our bodies possess in their fight against the ravages of degenerative disease.
In our modern times, we suffer from more degenerative disease than ever before. One reason is because our whole food intake has declined drastically in recent decades. Our supermarkets, where more than 95% of us do our shopping, devotes no more than a measly 15% of floor space to whole foods - the rest of the space is occupied by processed foods.
Even our whole foods have suffered. For the past few decades, conventional farmers and seed companies have been selecting individual food crops based entirely on yield, while paying no attention to nourishment. The result is whole foods that produce plenty of bulk, but with diminished nutritional value - including reduced antioxidant content. To make matters even worse, supermarket herbs and spices are irradiated, which denatures a significant portion of the antioxidents, rendering them useless.
The most reliable, and by far the cheapest way of increasing your antioxidant intake is to consume organic whole spices and herbs - they are nutritionally dense, and they pack a mighty dose of antioxidants. Look at the chart below to see just how spices compare to an apple. One problem with antioxidants in general is their bitterness. Some spices contain massive amounts of antioxidants but are not at all pleasnt to consume in significant quantities. These spices are best consumed by filling your own empty capsules at home. It is quick and easy, and neither you nor your children will have any problem with taste. Filling your own capsules allows you to choose organic herbs and spices, as opposed to conventional, adulterated, irradiated products. You also have the freedom to choose between gelatin capsules or vegicaps.
Antioxidant value in food is expressed in ORAC units (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) ORAC measures how much antioxidant capacity different foods have. Higher values imply more antioxidant capacity, and thus better protection against free radical damage and degenerative disease.


ORAC value 290 000

From 100g of ground clove powder.


ORAC value 175 000

From 100g of dried oregano.


ORAC value 165 000

From 100g of dried rosemary.


ORAC value 157 000

From 100g of dried thyme.


ORAC value 131 000

From 100g of ground cinnamon powder.


ORAC value 127 000

From 100g of ground turmeric powder.


ORAC value 2 700

From 100g golden delicious apple, raw, with peel.

All the ingredients for home capsule filling should be organic and in ground, or powder form. Finely ground, dry powders are the ideal filler for gelatin or vegetable capsules. Never use any liquid, moist, coarsly ground or sticky fillers. Always ensure that your capsule filler is perfectly dry before use - and water or moisture will cause your capsules to stick to the capsule filler.

Disclaimer: This information in this website is opinion, and is intended only as a reference guide for further exploration, and is not a replacement for professional health advice. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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