Capsule volume & weight

Capsule volume & weight

To ensure that our capsules remain fresh and dry until you use them, we pack all our capsules in sealed, vapour proof packets. You can store the sealed packets in a cool location for 24 months without any deterioration of quality.



Capsule size

The most popular size for home capsuling is size '00' - this size can contain a substantial amount powder, while still being easy to swallow. Although the amount of powder consumed will be the same, it is cheaper to use one size '00' capsule than two size '1' capsules.

  • Size '00' - Suitable for adults and older children who have no problem swallowing capsules
  • Size '0' - Suitable for adults and older children who may have difficulty swallowing size '00' capsules
  • Size '1' - Suitable for younger children


Capsule volume

Exact weights will differ according to powder grind, moisture content and tamping pressure, thus this is an approximate guide.

  • Moringa powder - 1 teaspoon of Moringa powder = 2.25g = 2250mg, One teaspoon of Moringa powder will fill 5 (five) size '00' capsules, or 6.5 size '0' capsules.
  • Cayenne pepper - 1 teaspoon of Cayenne pepper = 2.61g = 2610mg.One teaspoon of Cayenne pepper will fill 5 (five) size '00' capsules or 6.5 size '0' capsules.


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