Capsule filling

Using the capsule filler

  • Ensure that your capsule filler is completely dry. Any moisture will cause your capsules to stick to the filler.
  • Place base on stand, have container of empty capsules near at hand.
  • Separate individual capsules.
  • Put longer part of capsule in base, shorter part in top (open ends up)
  • Fill all 24 holes in the base and in the top.
  • Hold up to the light to ensure that all the holes have capsules in them.
  • Put base on shallow flat-bottom bowl or plate. This is optional. Experienced users do not need to use bowl or plate.
  • Pour two teaspoons of powder into base.
  • Spread powder with enclosed card to fill capsules.
  • Pick up base and stand together, and tap lightly on your work surface - this settles powder into capsules. Spread powder after tapping.
  • Use tamping tool to compact powder lightly.
  • Add more powder, spread powder, tap, and compact a second time.
  • Compact a third time if your powder is sticky, moist, or is not free-flowing.
  • Spread excess powder out of the open corner of capsule filler into bowl or plate, or back into your powder container.
  • Place top onto base.
  • Remove base and top from stand.
  • Place base and top onto a flat, sturdy surface.
  • Gently press down with slight rotary motion until you feel the unit going down. Then press down firmly until unit bottoms out completely.
  • Remove top from base.
  • Capsules are automatically joined and held in top.
  • Hold top in both hands over a clean bowl, with the capsules facing down.
  • Press plastic spring with both thumbs, evenly and firmly.
  • Capsules are automatically ejected into bowl.
  • If you are using completely dry powders, clean your capsule filler with a white-bristle paintbrush - the white bristle is stiffer than the normal black bristle.
  • If you are using sticky, moist or oily powders, wash your capsule filler with soap and water. Rinse thoroughly.
  • Allow filler to dry completely before storing in box.




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